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North Bergen Locksmith shares tips to keep your house safe when on vacations

Want to go on a vacation but worried about leaving your house empty for a period of time, well North Bergen Locksmith have some suggestions to keep your home safe from burglars so that you can enjoy a relaxed vacation without having to worry about your home and possessions.

Do not underestimate burglars, they are clever and innovative warns North Bergen Locksmith. Evaluate your home’s security and look at it from a burglar’s point suggests North Bergen Locksmith. The questions to ask – which is the weakest point that can be breached easily, how convenient is that point of entry? What can be stolen and moved easily etc.suggests North Bergen Locksmith. Once you have evaluated the security of your house advises North Bergen Locksmith, address those areas that are weak like adding grills and window bars to windows, replacing broken faulty locks, adding grilled doors at the entry and exit points etc. These additional defences ac as major deterrents to thieves as they have two breach double security layers says North Bergen Locksmith

Stop hiding spare keys outside advises North Bergen Locksmith. A common tendency for people is to leave a spare key to the house outside the house as a precaution against lost keys says North Bergen Locksmith. But this is an extremely unsafe practise informs North Bergen Locksmith. However well we might think we have hidden the keys outside, the burglars are equally adept at discovering our hiding places whether under a flower pot or a rock or a picture frame says North Bergen Locksmith. So when on vacation or even otherwise do not hide your keys outside suggestsNorth Bergen Locksmith.

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